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The Priest: A Novel - Gerard O'Donovan

it's funny...I took a chance on reading this so soon after reading a Fredric Brown novel featuring a serial killer scenario, on the basis that Fredric Brown's plots are so wonky that the two books would be so unlike each other; and that has mainly been the case. but, here late in The Priest, we have a rather impressionable and not too bright young man apparently confessing to things he did not do--which of course affects the whole direction of any police investigation while they're believing him. so, that instantly reminds me of a plot twist in Fredric Brown's Knock Three-One-Two! other than that, yes, they are very different reading experiences...but I won't press my luck risking too much repetition in plot twists by going to another serial killer book in the next few weeks. these two good ones will do for now.