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Black Water Lilies: A Novel - Michel Bussi

I passed on reading this book a while ago, just when I had it cued up as a next-pick. that means, in this case, that I even carried it around with the book I was just about to finish, but by the time I got home, with the other book done, this one not started yet and other books at home tempting me away...no Black Water Lilies just then. diverted to...I can't remember...a better cover? this time, it went the other way: I had something all lined up--an older Mystery, then almost swung over to a Spy novel I just bought (foul! too soon!)--and when the dust settled, I decided this Michel Bussi Crime effort deserved a bit of respect, after my earlier snub.  y'know what?--I'm nineteen pages in, we have a body steeped in strange clues (if they be so), an interesting cop (or two), and a creepy old woman hanging back and monitoring things while she ponders her secrets (unrevealed). so, I think I made a good decision...just, ahem, late.