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Black Water Lilies: A Novel - Michel Bussi

I'm so in love with this book already! and I don't know if I will ever make it to Giverny, France, but I love it as a setting in this Crime novel...even if, at least for sections of the narrative, it's being filtered through the eyes and mind of a (slightly scary) octogenarian woman who is disillusioned by her home, because she can remember the marvelous Giverny of old. it was a quieter hideaway, particularly for American artists arriving to enjoy its idyllic, isolated beauty ( I talk like an expert, but I just sopped up this History lesson today, so really, don't give me much respect, here), and if I go by this book, and the embittered elderly lady's thoughts, it's, um, touristy, at times, shall we say? nevertheless, a body in a stream--what has this got to do with Monet, his Garden, his paintings?--and I'm enjoying even just the modern Giverny beyond the tourist brochures...