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Dr. Potter's Medicine Show - Eric Scott Fischl

well who the heck knew!--an Angry Robot publication that may get higher than 3 Stars from me! I mean, I hate to be mean, but I almost didn't buy this when I pondered it at the bookstore, because I thought "do you need another average read from this catalog?...sigh". but I gave in; I bought it, because I figured a Medicine Show scenario would be at least lukewarmly entertaining, no matter what. I like books set at fairs, carnivals, circuses, arcades and amusement parks--and the cover probably cemented it. but, in my private thoughts, I didn't have a lot of hope for this book. BUT. may I recommend this to...dare I suggest this one to...Stephen King fans? maybe don't think at the level of, say, your top 3 Stephen King perfectaganzas, but I tell ya, the characters, the way it unfolds--very patient, but unsettling--always heating up, great villains, my emotions stirred by painful developments, a creeping malevolence forcing characters to learn to be brave--I must say this is much MUCH more engaging than I ever thought it would be.