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The Office - Fredric Brown

oh gosh, this is exciting. Fredric Brown's novel that is not SF, not Crime & Mystery, not really any particular genre...just, his 'regular' novel. it's well-regarded overall--Brown's biographer Jack Seabrook praises it, among others--and all I can wonder is: "how does a fella with Fredric Brown's wild imagination sit down and write a 'regular' novel?!". well, it's time to find out. I can't imagine how this reads, what the focus will be--no face-chewing armadillo, no impossible murder, no flame-wielding bunny, no serial killer?! it will be weird, the more 'normal' it is. again, though, I have read that this book is a thing of greatness, one of his finest achievements. I relish beginning to assess the pages and form an opinion. and there're always his crazy books I have stashed that I haven't read yet--can't lose!