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Vigilante by Marv Wolfman Vol. 1 - Marv Wolfman

reading this after many years since the last time. loved it before, but it seems even more fluid and effective now; I used to have a slighter appreciation of the first three issues--where the series has just begun and already Adrian is thinking of either quitting being Vigilante or radically changing his tactics with criminals in a way that seems more lenient than he had originally planned--but this time, the early, "flip-floppy" developments make perfect sense. a rookie making mistakes--one huge one!--and deciding to hang it up before things get out of hand. but then, things swing back the other way...and it's either the greatest tragedy, or the most fortuitous happenstance, that Adrian's father is an unscrupulous lawyer who gets criminals off every day while looking down on his do-gooder Prosecutor son whom he sees as worthless; the example NOT to follow. meanwhile, good early foes, some of them heroes trying to shut down Vigilante, some trying to kill him, some trying to kill others and getting on Adrian's radar: Brand, Quilt, Kord, Cyborg, The Controller, The Executioner, and a couple favorites of mine--Saber & Cannon. but, who took care of that duo, while Vig lay dying? that gets answered later!