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In at the Death - Francis Duncan

I've been stonewalled when it comes to finding info about this author, beyond what's in the mini bio scrunched into the book itself. I went to Wikipedia--no Francis Duncan, author, entry that I can find. that's odd. series Mystery writer, and not a licky at wiki. meanwhile, checked out a book I have that's a history of the Detection Club (yes, mainly focuses on the "Golden Age" of Murder Mysteries, but does range beyond that as it goes along)...nuthin. I did check pseudonym and real name for this author. coming up very blanked out--so naturally this author is a total Must-Read for me, as of now! call it pity, call it an unabashed love for anything obscure (I just read The Office, by Fredric Brown, okay, so...yah, do I even need to get into this; no), but bring me your Forgotten, your Neglected, your "what are you doing out of Limbo?!" sad-sack authors no one knows about. and right now it's workin' out, because this book has a great start. the murder has its bizarre qualities, some nice people answering opening inquiries seem intriguingly nervous and shifty, and the Detective, Mordecai Tremaine (well, Detective, as in "clever dude who isn't a copper, but has been invited along by the coppers to poke about") has some wonderful idiosyncrasies. I like it.