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The Surgeon: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel - Tess Gerritsen

I should probably be reading The Two by Will Carver right now, (a) because it beckons incessantly to me, as a sequel to one of my fave books so far this year, Girl 4, and (b) I gave Girl 4 to my best buddy who has very similar tastes, and if he goes nuts for it, he's going to want the sequel super-fast (whereas I like to take longer breaks, I don't know why). the fact is, Girl 4 did leave something purposefully unresolved, and no doubt the sequel jumps all over that...but I find I would love Girl 4 even if I never got to the sequel and tied up the loose end. there's a certain deliciousness to letting someone get away with something--in fiction, anyway--and just leaving it that way. seems more like real life, sadly. all that said, I wanted a female author with a strong female character right now (looks like I get Rizzoli here, but not Isles), in line with Wonder Woman arriving, and The Surgeon is kicking ass so far. as is Rizzoli! and this is nothing if not a great alternative to what Will Carver did in Girl 4. so my best bud will have to wait, oh, until about four books from now--as far as my reading future goes--and then we'll all be happy. I'm happy with The Surgeon, so no regrets. it's certainly got the shiver-inducing bloodiness of a Will Carver book.