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Version Control: A Novel - Dexter Palmer

I think I'm going to love this book. stellar first 25 pages...and it kind of reminds me of when I was younger and thought I had the fortitude to write a million novels, I had this idea for a Science Fiction novel where a person picks up the phone, and before the person answering gets to say "Hello", the person on the other end of the phone making the call says "Hello", and this turns out to be the first clue that humanity has been enslaved by some kind of aliens or whatever who have dropped us into some duplicate version of reality or Earth that they control...and they got all the details right for fooling all of this with the ersatz reality, except for some dumb-ass alien who forgets that the person picking up the phone is suppose to say "Hello" first. ah, the mind of a 12 year old wannabe fictioneer! anyway, it's been done, before and after I had grandiose illusions for myself...see The Matrix, and go from there.


this novel starts with that sort of an aura--woman seems to feel the basics of reality are wrong, or have small details that don't make sense--and others don't seem to feel that way.  but then something weird comes on TV, and others see it, but sort of fluff it off as a technical glitch...so at least it seems Rebecca is not going insane. bottom line: I wonder how Time Travel fits into all of this? or is part of the big trick that it doesn't? I shall find out! happy, so far.