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Version Control: A Novel - Dexter Palmer

it's all so delicious, every bit of it; the world in this book may be one that "doesn't feel right, in the small details" to its inhabitants, but this book certainly doesn't suffer from that problem. I loved: (a) the weirdest version of a "watching Blade Runner with a know-it-all and somehow having that lead to sex" scene I've ever come across in a novel (okay, it's the only scene like this I've ever hit in fiction...but when the next one comes along, I can't imagine it topping what's here!), and (b) how cool is this: by sheer coincidence, a great scene where a woman physicist wears a Wonder Woman shirt and bandanna to work when she has to build a calibrator for a causality violation device (time machine) faster and better than a bunch of men (she kills it. again).


I still have this idea that 2016 was a year of higher ratings and better books, overall, than this year...hmmm, but even if I end up still feeling that later this year, when I can actually do a better judgement, there is no doubt that this has been a delightfully wild & woolly year, vastly unpredictable in just what the next book is going to do my head next! the atypical finale to The Chosen...the full-tilt freakishness of Girl 4...and of course a new way of building a Crime novel, in Black Water Lilies. now this, Version Control--all the subtle creeping-forward in the world can't hide the wild ride! reminds me a bit of PrimerAs She Climbed Across The Table, and The Republic Of Love, and other things, but it sure has its own eccentric soul.