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Thirty Corpses Every Thursday - Fredric Brown

going strong--I should get this all wrapped up tonight. when it comes to the Fredric Brown In The Detective Pulps series--at least of those I've sampled (mainly way back in the past, when they were first available)--I would not, so far, rate this collection of short stories ahead of Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter, or The Freak Show Murders. those contained beauts! this one ranks around the level of Homicide Sanitarium, which was full of terrific material, and I would say definitely better than Before She Kills which I recall as being merely above-average. some of these collections--and pondering whether to acquire them now that they are rare collectors' items--are a bit outside my price range, so I was rather shocked to get this one for a reasonable price...relatively speaking. still have Madball stashed, and that's a novel. supposed to be a great one; but then, he's Fredric Brown! lastly: the story in here called "Thirty Corpses Every Thursday", which lends its title to the whole book, is so far the creepiest and the best. a very disturbing murderer.