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The Hermit - Thomas Rydahl, K.E. Semmel

serendipity, or full-on synchronicity? I dunno; I just know how to pick em, and when. cuz I went right to this book ahead of some others, because I wanted to embrace a Danish Crime writer giving me a hermit (hermits are cool; well, not the dangerous ones). lo and behold I've been transported to an island, initially unnamed, where the author lets fly with all these fun Spanish names! my Spain fixation unwittingly continues--apparently I'm hanging out on Fuerteventura, of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands. who knew...not to mention So Cool! I can handle the Canary Islands, even with the weird deaths, and the hermit carrying around severed finger he stole from an accident scene (crime scene?), a finger that is working as a sort of pseudo-substitute for the hermit's own missing digit (wrong hand...and our Danish loner--on the island the last 18 years or so--seems mainly interested in prizing the ring off the claimed finger). this book has its own zing, so far--hope it keeps it.