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A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment - John M. Preston

this will be my Nonfiction pick for July, which--in combination with the two Nonfiction picks I did near end of June (one to make up for reneging, in May)--means I've done a lot of NF lately. with no complaints! I was thinking that I might then be ignoring Nonfiction until late August...but actually, I want to get to that Martin Edwards read that looks at the effect of 100 great Mystery books, which, if I understand things correctly, is an early August release, not to mention a book that some BookLikes acquaintances are plannning to read and discuss sooner rather than later. putting all that aside--A Very English Scandal was a book I needed to find in the Gay & Lesbian section of the bookstore, even though it was a book I found out about due to a summary focusing on its riveting True Crime content.


this is the best of both angles for me: the tragic Crime that seems to be brewing in the early chapters is not a true-life case I know anything about going into this, so it is indeed riveting reading on that score; plus, the book provides an overview of changes, or attempted changes, to the harsh laws against Gay lifestyle and Gay relationships in London as they existed at the time depicted (this is London, 1960s, so far). interesting to read this after reading The Long Firm not so many days ago.