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HEX - Thomas Olde Heuvelt

like The Spleen said, in Mystery Men, it's "scary...scary and weird.". Um, Harvest Home meets The Cabin In The Woods meets Jerome Bixby's 'It's A Good Life' meets...whatever is gonna leap out and freak me out that I don't know about yet. oh yeah, I forgot: some kind of witch angle. seems like a major-league, Red Alert, DefCon 0.5 witch angle. she's scary (and weird). drop a cloth over her would (apparently that's what you should do, with a hint that it's a bit life-threatening if you don't). I'll be keep in my least fearful eye on her (the brave, stupid eye); I'll be keeping my eye on everything in Black Springs (fun, I bet, till someone loses an eye...). terrific Horror novel, so far, by the way. and it's Dutch! it's a good life!