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Dreaming Spies: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes - Laurie R. King

it seems that this last section of the book is going to be my favourite, and also help me jump up to a somewhat higher rating than I thought I would give; we'll have to see, when it comes to that. but now the plot is actually earning the "A novel of suspense" tag on the front cover. I wish I had liked the sections set in Japan more--fun travelogue and detailed tutorials in Japanese culture circa 1924, but not a lot actually transpiring--and I wish Mary wasn't so distrustful of Mycroft that she keeps telling Sherlock not to contact him for help (to be fair, it does seem that Holmes' brother has dominated some previous books, and is being given an understandable rest this time around), but overall this "Book Three/Oxford, April, 1925" wrap-up section has kind of lit up the book for me in an exciting way.