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The Transmigration of Souls - William Barton

lemmee see...I want--what do I want--I want, yes, what I require now is a big, exciting, fast-paced, action-packed SF extravaganza. with a weird title. and a portion of back-cover synopsis that mentions "Fortress America", which "recalled all citizens, expelled all foreigners, closed its borders, severed all communication, and shot down every person, plane, or satellite that strayed near.". just what I want...a crazy SF scenario that sounds like pure drivel and could never happen! of course, drones didn't really exist to be "shot down' when this novel was written, so that detail is missing from this crazy, never-happen, loony scenario; this novel is from 1996, and even if it ends up proving the old adage that truth is--or will shortly become--stranger than fiction, I'm going to read this fanciful "Fortress America" stuff anyway.