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The Transmigration of Souls - William Barton

I blazed through a big chunk of this, this morning...I'm farther ahead than I expected by this time today. the book reads like a dream, and I love the big concepts that have led to a crazy ride through various timelines (and impossible offshoots of "valid" timelines)...but the book is coming in at about 3.5, in terms of a star-rating. I'm not connected to the characters, in a way that I was hoping for. probably too many characters (and they tend to go away, and come back!; no winnowing). and the author's style is of a type that can detract from my pleasure--repetitions of words and word-chains, in ever-smaller phrasings that seem to be reinforcing a point, or even an emotional vibe, where once for that word, phrase, or thought is enough (have faith in the effect of your words and images, right when you unleash them; maybe don't repeat, repeat, in a clumsy attempt to make bigger noise).


overall, though, I'm glad I took this strange journey.