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The Incredible Crime (British Library Crime Classics) - Lois Austen-Leigh

sure, I'm game to read a Crime novel by the great-great niece of Jane Austen! though, I've only read one Jane Austen novel so far, and it wasn't a huge favorite of mine. still, I love neglected books that see the light of day via reprinting--and the longer the book has been in limbo, the cooler it seems to be, to my weird mind. we're not even in "out of print for 40 years!" territory, here; no we are in "has not been republished since the 1930s" rarified air, with Austen-Leigh's "Cambridge Mystery"! and that brings up another point: it turns out that the Cambridge Mystery, as a tagged and labeled subgenre, is really a thing! this may be my third or fourth Crime novel set at Cambridge this year, and I've got at least one more stashed away for Fall/Winter, if I wanna keep that music goin'. of course this one is from 1931! I wonder if it's the prototype?? well, I don't know about that.


final cool thing about reading this book: time sure passes, doesn't it! the back of this book mentions the "great-great-niece of Jane Austen" connection...and the Acknowledgements at the start of the book, as it's re-packaged in 2017, thank two great nieces of Lois Austen-Leigh for their help and support with this new edition. whatever this is...it's a great-niece thing! sort of a great-niece literary bucket-brigade extending through time. the next edition, probably around 2107, will likely be due to the latest batch of Austen great-nieces, taking the torch. they are fiery, and motivated these great-nieces!