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The Incredible Crime (British Library Crime Classics) - Lois Austen-Leigh

I decided to read the book's Introduction, and a few chapters, before turning in for the night. apparently this book was written at the same desk that the author's great-great aunt Jane used to create her fictions; that's kind of cool! as for the start of the story: I like Prudence already, and it looks like we have a plucky amateur sleuth on our hands. feels a bit like a Patricia Wentworth novel, though if Prudence really does take over solving much of the impending Mystery, even with an agent of the law present--in this case, a Captain Studde(!) of the coastguard--I'm kind of hoping the book reminds me of what I think may be Rex Stout's best book, Red Threads, where Inspector Cramer, usually a supporting character (and annoyance), goes it alone because Nero Wolfe does not appear...but doesn't actually go it alone, instead getting help from a persistent and brave young lady. if Prudence outshines Captain Studde in The Incredible Crime, it will be a similarly entertaining dynamic (though, as I remember, Cramer did his bit too). anyway--all this and maybe a haunted manor.