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Night Heron - Adam Brookes

Granny Poon (GODDESS 1) has a weird feeling, thinks something unseen and unaccounted for is lurking just at the fringes of what seems to be a smooth-running, if highly improvised, Op. even Hopko has told Patterson she thinks things are about to get very "unpredictable". and me? I have this horrible suspicion it's all about to go wrong. my wildest notion is that Peanut actually has a totally hidden agenda fueled by revenge, or an unexpected plan to betray.


I'll finish this one tomorrow; I only have to get to page 400, and then the Extra content is Chapter 1 of another book...and I just ignore that kind of thing. all this means I'm on target to start the Dalglish book on Monday, for my highly-anticipated buddy read with, I forget who, someone--a Group has been created over this, so all I have to do is click on that, and it'll all come back to me. I'm just kidding, Spurts; looking forward to A Dance Of Blades!