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A Dance of Blades  - David Dalglish

it's time, it's time, it's time! a Buddy Read, that became a Group Read, and I'll be starting this book either tonight or for sure tomorrow. so. a few opening comments:


Debbie's Spurts set up the Group involving this book--actually, the whole series--shortly after the two of us committed to a buddy read of Book 2. that's a bit problematic from where I'm sitting, because I would prefer to be involved in the launch of a Group as it starts a Book 1 of a series. I just don't remember a lot of Book 1 of this series...and even if the basics come back to me, from recaps and references to earlier events, I don't know that I'm going to be able to participate in detailed conversations of Book 1. and that's okay, but let's say the group actually attracts new members--let's be humble and say even two people--because we're loving Book 2, I'm just gonna feel bad, because chat will start up over Book 1, and I won't be able to say much, except "I remember that! thanx for mentioning that--oh yes, that was cool, I remember that!". which would get lame, pretty fast. so, what I'm saying is: I'm gonna really be joining and instigating detailed and/or passionate discussions from Book 2 onwards. Debbie's Spurts may have to tow the line for a bit on Book 1, because she read it much, much more recently.


now having said all that, I intend to take the Group set-up seriously, even if it's just Debbie's Spurts and myself blathering away (it will all be intelligent, informative blather, I'm sure). I'm gonna be a normal, sociable human being and dissect the books in a group setting. starting with Book 2, but still...I'll be doing it.


it does make me wonder what I will be posting when I put up these updates, which is what I'm more used to; "see Group", "see Group", "see Group", maybe? uhhh, no. so I'll work something out.


final note: if some plans of mine fall through tonight, and I feel like reading (I always feel like reading), I'll either do a teeny teeny bit of this, or a Spider-Man graphic novel I have in mind. I can't fit Velvet in one night--I don't think; I shall entertain the notion, dubiously and doubtfully, if I entertain it at all--because it's super long! Velvet most likely after A Dance of Blades.