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Shark Island - Chris Jameson

this is a low-priced shark book--which I guess means it better work as some kind of Horror novel--by an unknown author (unless someone is collecting some quick cash under a pseudonym), with no blurbs of praise bedecking the covers, or inside. if anything in life is going to suck, it's something like this book--or, this exact book. but, in fact, I'm having fun with it. it's "Shark Week"--I didn't know that when I cued up this little ditty!--and this looks like it's at least going to be a worthy choice for that. I don't expect Literature, though. however, I'm getting some intricacies that support the main plot--that would be "stranding some people on an island surrounded by water that starts to rise, and how do I, the author, make that not seemed contrived, or make these supposedly smart people suddenly and inexplicably seem like idiots--or how do I make the reader not care about that if I'm not able to do that"--and those extra plotlines make this a better book.


who was that stalker, creeping around outside Kat's home, at night? I don't think it was a shark, so there's something to worry about besides sharks, now that the boat-trip is under way. Naomi, the main character, got abandoned by her lover Kayla, when Naomi suffered a shark attack in the first few pages--but now Kayla is around looking to pick up again, where Naomi is ambivalent; nice to have this as part of the human drama--gives us a better-realized Naomi--before characters no doubt get eaten later on (I'm just assuming...). so, I thought Naomi and others would be dumped on the island, rather monosyllabically, in the first twenty pages...and although the opening of the book was designed to be a scary shark scene, the book then slowed down to give me some actual characters, with some real-world problems and concerns that make this a worthier read. I know this is not going to be one of the great reads of my life, and it may come to resemble the crocodile movie Rogue a little too much, when that film's scenario of people hiding from a predator on an island that is "sinking" gets cloned in this shark malark...but HEY! it's Shark Week (I would prefer Shark Day...and we get the day off; we don't get Groundhog Day off, but Sharks merit it).