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Nightmare Syndrome - William Marshall

here we go! William Marshall is one of my favorite Mystery writers, but you're learning that late, because I read almost all of his books years ago. first, for me, was The Hatchet Man; best is probably Thin Air; last one I read was amazing too--Inches, when Marshall suddenly returned to his series set in Hong Kong, and giving us a book set after it was handed back to China by the British (1996, I think that was). it's known as the Yellowthread Street series. it's set in the fictional "Hong Bay" district of Hong Kong. they are Police Procedurals, with multiple detectives sharing the spotlight, and they were always a worthy alternative to Ed McBain's somewhat similar 87th Precinct books. William Marshall also dazzled me by rivaling Fredric Brown, when it comes to weird and macabre crimes. so, a perfect writer for me. more great entries: Out Of Nowhere; Sci Fi; The Far Away Man; Frogmouth; War Machine; Head First; geez...three or four more almost match the ones I've mentioned. I've missed this author; I think this may be the last Yellowthread Street extravaganza I get to read for the first time...so, let's have some fun, shall we!