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"In the sewer, the gnarled peasantry roared, "Spencer! Lay-one-little-finger-on-the-goddamned-bomb...AND I'LL KILL YOU!"

Auden, starting to slosh back through the slime, shoving the nose of the bomb to one side as he came, said in a voice that could lop trees, "if you so much as even---"

The bomb, like he himself, didn't like being shoved to one side. Bouncing back off a loose section of the brickworks and bringing it down in an avalanche of bricks, it came back and mowed Auden down and crashed into the other side of the brickworks and then came back and mowed him down again.

Auden said, "Oh!"

And then, it came back and moved in the other direction and mowed him down again.

Auden, on his back, reaching up to grab the nose as it went by, said, "Oh! Oh--!"

Auden, hanging on for dear life as the entire thing hit the brickworks again, came loose from the brickworks and then suddenly straightened itself and careened down the sewer into pitch darkness, said like a man being taken for a quick ride into the Twilight Zone on the bottom of a runaway roller-coaster, "Oh! Oh--! Oh!...OH!"

Going, sliding, being taken on a fun ride to oblivion by a live twenty-foot-long, ten-ton bomb four feet below the surface of the earth, and getting deeper by the second, Auden said in utter terror, as the bomb turned a corner in a surf wave of slime and, hitting a solid brick wall, sent up a tsunami of brown, green, black, and all the shades in between of muck, mire, morass, and a millennia-old mountain of malodorous matter, "OH, MY GOD!"

It was the sound of a human body hitting a solid wall at the same time as the nose of a bomb....

Then there was a silence.

Then there was not."

Nightmare Syndrome, by William Marshall (copyright 1997; quote is from pages 41-42 of  the Warner Books/Mysterious Books hardcover edition, 1997).