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The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books - Martin Edwards

how I'm going to approach reading this, or "doing things a bit differently, with this book": it was my impression that a few of my Friends at BookLikes might be reading this in early August (ie. soon, or now). but I am part of no plan for a Group or Buddy read. so I'm going to get going on this book as of, let's say, tomorrow (unless I start it tonight--but that's unlikely; not impossible, just unlikely). however...I think I will read chapters of this book with breaks in between each, to digest--and also to see if anyone else I know starts getting into it (at which point I would see how fast they are going, and adjust...maybe). this book, just so everyone knows the format, has a Chapter that establishes a subgenre, or topic that can allow for a a handful of books to be collected and discussed, and then comes said handful of applicable books--well, not the books themselves, but 2-or-3 pages of essay content, per book, or so.


hm. so this is perfect for me, because it's like a big List, and I love these kinds of Lists! but the additional factor is that I should probably read the book cover-to-cover because he actually has more than just a List going here. it seems I've read 21 of the 100 books discussed at length (it does look like many, many more books are mentioned, beyond just the main 100, so I call that "Further Recommended Reading"). it was just the 2-page essays, I would probably not read this book like a regular book; i would do what I have done before...I would try and acquire many or all of the books evaluated over time, and read the essays after reading the book! but, as I say, this book has an overarching structure, with these chapters that set up the book-choices and classify them, that have led me to read this in a normal way...but with breaks. NOTE: if the author starts giving away solutions to any of the whodunits being discussed, I will have to stop reading this (I will read the essays about The ABC Murders, and Death Of An Airman--great books I have already read--to see if he deals in spoilers); but based on his other, earlier book, I am not expecting Martin Edwards to take this spoilsport approach!