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The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books - Martin Edwards

I've read the Intro to this book, plus Chapter One: A New Era Dawns, plus the accompanying essays about 11 books that debuted in this "New Era" for Crime novels and story collections (1902-1914ish). I have read 4 of the books he focuses on. two particularly famous works are featured here: The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Innocence of Father Brown. book I am most interested in acquiring and reading: Israel Rank, by Ray Horniman.


backing up to the Introduction for a second...I'm glad that, as he was explaining that this list (with essays) of 100 Classic Crime novels is not necessarily a grouping of "Best" or "Favourite" reads, he singled out Lonely Magdalen by Henry Wade as a book he loves but did not fit into the schema of things for books actually discussed in this guide (he also said that he would have included a lot more Agatha Christie titles, a Sayers book he has left out, etc.). Lonely Magdalen is a book he put me on to in his other book--The Golden Age of Murder--and I recommend it to all vintage Mystery fans (it was reprinted not too long ago, and therefore not sitting at horrible price, depending on what edition is desired). I confess I'm wondering if the Henry Wade book he does select for discussion in this new book can come anywhere close to Magdalen in terms of reader delight--a steep challenge, in IMHO!


other than that: I was at the big bookstore today, and only a small amount of the books mentioned by Edwards are available right off the shelves. some seem available for order...and a few really cool-looking ones are coming back into print as the year progresses (though one I really want is available way up in December!). not surprisingly, Poisoned Pen Press' "British Crime Classics" label is where many--but not all--of the future re-issues will be coming from. I suspected we would see this, and it's good to know. meanwhile, I bought one novel discussed in this book, to celebrate having it--Murder of a Lady. it is not showcased in the Martin Edwards book until later, but Chapter One choices that I had not read were not handy to buy.