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Harbor - John Ajvide Lindqvist

well, he wrote the second best vampire novel I've ever read, so I'm expecting big things, and hopefully a more impressive outing than Little Star. the beginning to this one is certainly splendid; I passed on Jonathan Carroll's novel called Voice Of Our Shadow when a hankering to sample this overwhelmed me instead--and that despite the fact that the Carroll paperback I own says--above the title--'A Magic Show Of Chilling Terror'! a bit loony of me to pass on a selling point like that--oooooh, a magic show angle!--and do Harbor...but yay, it's all good: we have a scary magician named Simon in this, along with his creepy little creature/pet ("euugghh!! yucky!"). anyway, I'm ecstatic and unsettled all at the same time. and I have no idea where Maja disappeared to...but then, we do have a real live magicky dude active in and around the old lighthouse where the opening badness went down...


eugh. but good!