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Harbor - John Ajvide Lindqvist

I didn't do 50 more pages of this tonight, like I thought I would. instead...20 pages, and a bit more of that Martin Edwards book. Harbor reminds me more of Ramsey Campbell than Stephen King, at this point--specifically, Campbell's slower, moodier efforts, such as The Darkest Part Of The Woods, or Midnight Sun. if things slow down too much, I'm not inclined to give 5 stars, but we're still talking about some effective Horror, in these cases. Ramsey Campbell's The Hungry Moon also comes to mind as I get deep into Harbor, but I think that book had gotten a bit more intense and openly nasty, by this point in the proceedings. other books that have come to mind as I have enjoyed this book: Bag Of Bones (yes, that King yarn did occur to me, although I'm enjoying this a lot more, and it has gone in a somewhat different direction); The Shipping News (an odd one to suddenly recall...or, maybe not so much); Hex (still very fresh in my mind); Dan Simmons' The Terror, and even some rather chilly Murder Mysteries, like The Coldest Blood (Kelly), and The Ice Princess (Lackberg).