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Behold a Fair Woman - Francis Duncan

I must say, I'm really enjoying dipping into this series now and then. certainly there was a bit of a longish wait for our (first?) murder, this go-around, but now that someone is actually dead, I'm thinking that was one of my favorite 'discovery of the corpse " scenes I've encountered. not only is the victim the person I would most have suspected of being the murderer were this person to be still alive on page 96, but I love how ever-curious Mordecai, who just couldn't resist taking one little "peek" (it had been gnawing at him since the day before), went up the ladder for a bit of fun, and to take his peek, and...there's a dead person, while the individual with the closest link to the deceased shows up simultaneously, wondering where so-and-so is, since so-and-so seems to have gone missing/"gee, I hope nothing terrible has happened, you haven't seen [him or her], have you, Mr. Tremaine...?".


uhhhhhmmmmm, yes. yes, I have...