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Vampiric Bingo Kibitzing Observation #3!

Hello, everyone...

(excuse my sombre mood, I just got up off the dirt from the ol' homeland, and haven't had my wake-up tipple, yet)


Murder, She Reads is a new BookLikes Friend, and has just finished reading that little tome called...The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. a few days before the Bingo officially started, I quietly picked out a few new people to Follow at the website, because they were playing the game, and looked it like there would be some cool reading involved! I want to thank all these new internet Friends for indulging, particularly when they Friended me back and started Following my nonsense. Review pending, from Murder, She Reads--who apparently enjoyed the book but did not find it that scary; intriguing development!), but since it is a favorite of mine, I'll take time out to recommend a few other things similar, or even slightly similar to it...


so, besides


there's a hidden gem I loved called


but I also get to peddle my absolute fave Horror novel here too!...


and then I'm going to seem daring and throw in this as a good suggestion:


have a great Bingo day, and we'll wait for the Review...