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The Devil's Anvil (Joe Hunter) - Matt Hilton

this is one of those rare instances where I feel--well, half of me feels--that I have picked the "wrong" book to read. it's nothing against Matt Hilton, or his book, which I will be committing to next (uh, after a quick graphic novel). no, it has to do with how long it's been since I read a Spy novel...but my Nonfiction picks, last one and upcoming one, have got that covered. meanwhile, when was my last SF foray? well, too long ago, but when you don't feel like a genre, you don't feel like a genre; plus, I'm actually fooling around writing some SF in my spare time and I don't want to be influenced by any published SF writers--style, story ideas, nothing. so, I've picked this on a whim, because it sounds like it has some of the elements to be expected from a fast-paced, chase-y Spy yarn...but it ain't quite that. add to that the fact that the last few books I read that come closest to matching up with this, in terms of the Crime subgenre, were good but not great...and yes, time to meet this Joe Hunter chap!