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The Devil's Anvil (Joe Hunter) - Matt Hilton

ohmygosh, this actually pretty terrific. and what I mean is: I hoped it would be satisfying merely in a "guns blazing/lots of combat/tense chases, but all gonna be hinged on a basic and rather uninteresting plot. maybe no plot". so I hunkered down for that, and figured if that's all I got, that would have to tide me over, and anyway, that's what I'm looking for...although some intricacies, and emotionally bonding with the characters would be bonuses...


well, the bonuses are there! Billie's backstory--why she needs Joe Hunter to come into her life and protect her--is quite intense. Joe Hunter is a great new hero for; yes, it's all a little Lee Child--but again, that's what I was expecting, even looking for. that said, I'm guessing things aren't quite what they seem, as far as what happened to Billie's poor daughter, and why, but even if the surprises that come from what has been set up as "fact" being flipped on its head, what we have to work with here makes it very involving when the bullets and punches become more of a regular thing.


this book is much more interesting than I thought it would be. I thought I could sit back and relax and watch the pyrotechnics and not think. but I actually have to keep my brain on. Good!