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The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books - Martin Edwards

felt the urge to read a teeny bit more of this. Chapter Six, 'Serpents in Eden', displays how popular rural settings were in Golden Age Crime novels, and beyond. frankly, this is such a huge topic, I don't know how Martin Edwards decided on which books to give whirlwind attention to in the main Chapter (as opposed to the four essays attached to this chapter, where of course he has to narrow things down). as city settings are completely ignored, we instead get introduced to murders on golf courses, boating murders, village hotel homicides, and suspicious deaths taking place beyond barriers and fences clearly meant to say "No Trespassing!" to aggressive members of the public intent on ignoring them long enough for more serious mayhem to occur.


I have not read any of the four books highlighted in the attendant essays--but Sinister Crag sounds like a blast...and finding out there was, out amongst rural settings for foul slayings, a sturdy "rock-climbing/mountaineering-based" subgenre, is something I have mentally tucked away. a pity Sinister Crag looks rather expensive to actually get ahold of; this is me on the lookout for a new edition.


before the essays, the main Chapter--covering a lot of titles--made mention of a dandy pair of books I have read: Poison in the Pen by Patricia Wentworth, and Scales of Justice by Ngaio Marsh...both terrific 4-star entries in their respective series, as far as I'm concerned.