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Vampiric Bingo Kibitzing Observation #5!

Stop what you're doing for a second, please--


and notice that Bingo today led to Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile giving a solid rating and a great review to:



my thoughts on the book kind of echo the HDB's review, including the urge to visit the author again, and see if perhaps I can find a 4 or 5 star book (at least as far as my tastes go).


I'll mention just one book that fits the Aliens square for Halloween Bingo, which does not mean there are aliens in the Buehlman book--rather, it means I don't want to spoil the innards of Those Across The River, so I have to cheat and gratuitously recommend something completely different, which I will now do:



sort of like Predator in Ancient Rome; I loved it! 


regardless, Bingo has been grand and we're only at Sept. 5...the weird and wonderful thing being that each day so far (or late the night before, in one case, as I recall), someone has posted an Update that shows the completion of a book I have read that leads me to do one of my inane vampiric Posts! I have to wonder how many successive days that can go on, before I have to invent a different reason for shoving my oar in. thanks for supporting this fascinated, hypnotized Bingo spectator, by the way!