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Ask a Policeman - Agatha Christie, John Rhode, Detection Club, Gladys Mitchell

short stories (I'm past due). more Detection Club shenanigans from the "Golden Age"; this time, some of the Club's members are swapping Detectives, one author tasked with writing a story featuring someone else's famous sleuthing creation (some have stayed more famous than others--so I'm finding it a bit amusing that my first look at some of these fictional detectives will be as they are presented to me by the "wrong" writer!). if I recall Martin Edwards' remarks on this book in The Golden Age of Murder, Anthony Berkeley was not too thrilled with the way Dorothy L. Sayers' approached his sleuth, Roger Sheringham...which means, of course, that I can't wait to get to the Sayers entry! 


I'm also a bit peeved that the cover of this edition I have makes Agatha Christie's name huge, even though she only coughed up the Preface. yes, I know her stature, but Sayers actually wrote a story for this odd collection, is no minor name herself, and--over the years--had more to do with the these Detection club group-efforts than Dame Agatha did, after the first one. ah, well...unfair.