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Madball - Fredric Brown

wow. what a start. I feel tingly, weird. I'm trying to remember if he's had a better start.


anyway, I would say this is the last major Fredric Brown novel for me to read. I didn't leave this one on purpose--I just always forgot about Madball. but I know its reputation amongst fans of the author, one of his best, maybe the best. if the first 21 pages of surprises and sleaze at a carnival are any indication, these are not just rumors of greatness; it's on! I hope so. I've left mainly minor Fredric Brown long works, after this, and whatever short story collections I can afford to track down.


I love carney fiction, especially from the Crime or Horror sections--Fredric Brown worked as a carney as a young man so he brings what they call verisimilitude--and it looks like the ride is going to be....Mad! a ball!


great opening. did not see that coming. or that. or that. what else you got, Fred!