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Too Soon Dead: An Alexander Brass Mystery 1 - Michael Kurland

oof! I just read two really freaky books in a row--wild plotting, sick nutty people, cruel twists of fate--and I guess that's what I get for doing Madball and then moving immediately to Cold Moon Over Babylon. eerie to eerier. now I don't know if my attempt to "dial it down a bit" in the form of Too Soon Dead is going to be the major backfire of the year...but I'm betting the book is at least not so freaky. I'm going for a lighter approach to Mystery as a sort of mind-cleanser--I mean, no matter who gets offed, and how, it's New York City in 1935...no swamps, no carnivals. honestly, how weird could it get?


I just jinxed it, didn't I. probably be the weirdest book I read all year...