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Vampiric Bingo Kibitzing Observation # 15!

Let's Celebrate!



people were getting obstreperous over a lack of kibitizing...right when books, hockey, and a bucketful of snark read something I've read, for Bingo! namely, this:


I wasn't sure what to try and link to this wonderful SF/Horror extravaganza, that has spawned a several films, but I decided to just be creative, have fun, and at least make the suggestions, after one more Wyndham, at least have something to do with wee ones. but, this is pretty all-over-the-road...


for instance:

oh yeah, baby! but NOT for the faint of heart, is this author.


for more of a laugh, thanks to naughty little ankle-biters up to no good on the Crime front:


I had a lot of laughs with those kids! meanwhile:

means we're back in Horror, and I don't know where you stand regarding John Saul, but I liked this one!


finally, I'll mention


the rather neglected one, with the spiders.


has been a fun kibitz, a little weirder than normal, maybe, with these picks--but who wants to be normal? who wants to have a normal Bingo. no one. on one does.