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The Dead Don't Boogie (Dominic Queste) - Douglas Skelton

I went a wee bit further with this book tonight, so just some thoughts and reactions until morning...(a) it's a blast; I love it; (b) the blurbs from reviews suggested it's action-packed, violent, and has a high body count--and that has all kicked in; (c) the main character likes movies, with Indiana Jones apparently a particular favorite; (d) this book reminds me a bit of Matt Hilton's The Devil's Anvil, from my recent reading history, but this one is going to have to buckle down and work hard to match that action-fest because it got better and better as it went along, and wound up being a terrific whodunit where I didn't know it was even gonna be a whodunit. not saying this one has to mirror that exact surprise, but yes, it will be a bonus if there is some twist as to why all the people in this book are after Jenny. there's definitely a mystery here, at this point...