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Vampiric Bingo Kibitzing Observation # 16!



Can't claim to be a big sucker for zombie fiction, but hey, Obsidian Blue read


so I need to come up with something. "zombie horde" books first:


I did okay with




was actually a step up, with some terrific writers coughing up superior short stories!


I like my zombie novels more...let's say "intimate"; less horde, more one-on-one--I won't go so far as to say the naughty words "love story", but there's


which is a zombie must-read as far as I'm concerned, an absolute fave! and, although I've never really seen it refered to as a zombie story--wouldn't want to damage its literary standing--if you like the Honeycombe book above, you'd probably like this next one, too (and they both been filmed, they have!):


so there we are. I'm half-inspired to go off to the pub, and order a Zombie (the drink).


until we read again...!