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The Tourist - Robert E Dickinson

I feel like more fiction, not a Nonfiction dalliance, right now. so, what I'll do is call the Martin Edwards book my September Nonfiction pick--which makes sense anyway, because I have started it in September--but finishing it off may ooze into October. I'm not sure, maybe I'll get it done in the next few days, but more likely not. whenever I finish it, it shouldn't be too long into October, and with that new month, I'll make one of the Nonfiction Espionage-type books I have stashed into my Oct. Nonfic. choice.


meanwhile, I have to get to A Dance of Mirrors any time in the next few weeks, to adhere to a Group Read schedule, but that's okay. lots of time. starving for a Spy novel, to be honest...but I'm even more hungry for an SF novel! I need some instant Science fiction gratification; that feeling has hit like a mad bull. so I'm going with this wonky time-travel thing and hoping for the best. I have a good feeling, and I am starving for something along these lines, it's been too long.