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Silenced - Kristina Ohlsson

early-going...but it looks like I'm going to be happy with this author all over again. death of an assistant vicar and his wife looks like it might be tied to something that reminds me a bit of a Crime novel I read long ago, Root Of All Evil, by Dell Shannon (my goodness, when's the last time I read a Lt. Mendoza Mystery!)--and that's all I'll say about that. maybe that aspect of the doomed fella's life isn't what got him and his poor wife done in (assuming it's not the murder/suicide it looks like) is just a big red herring anyway. meanwhile, who is the guy with no ID who copped it in the middle of the street...and whatever Ali has been sneaked into Sweden for, it can't be good! lots to digest, early, as I'm back with Frederika, and all the well-drawn supporting characters who've brought along some compelling subplots (Peder and his mouth in trouble with HR already, etc.). we'll see if this one can rival The Chosen.