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Silenced - Kristina Ohlsson

well now I've gone and done it! I knew when I picked this book up again earlier this evening that I was likely to make it to around page 200. in fact, by about page 140, I thought 'yeah, this is great, I'm gonna push it to the end of one of the "sections" (where the story moves to a different day), so, up where I wanna get to that's...ah, page 210!'. and here we are.


the problem is, I was supposed to read this up until a little closer to an Oct. 5th Buddy-Read start. but okay. that just means I can fit another--relatively short--novel into my schedule, before Buddy business gets here. not a good time for a huge page-count, but after I finish Silenced tomorrow morning, I've got shortish contenders to get me through those little days that exist between Oct. 1, and Oct. 5. I'm lookin' at you, (a) The Night Watch (cop-gone-bad Noir from 1952), or (b) Perfect End (Murder Mystery from one of my favorite series, set in Hong Kong), or maybe (c) Angelus! (looks like a really creepy Horror quickie set at an exclusive college--head in a jar on the cover, so that kind of says it all). did ya want to vote?  go ahead, leave a comment, if you like. 


meanwhile, this Ohlsson novel is reminding me of The Parallax View, which means I'm getting chills thanks to all the menace in the shadows, and because of how powerful the people in those shadows obviously are. plus I have s theory about the girl trapped in Thailand...but I probably haven't got it quite right. I'll know tomorrow morning.