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Angelus! - Peter Tremayne

what a hideous, revolting cover--I don't really like looking at it, so I want it out of my life as quickly as possible. now, that has nothing to do with hoping that this is an engrossing read, exactly the kind of signal that October has arrived, and There Be Horror In The Wind! still,  taking this book to, say, the coffee shop, is going to make me self-conscious; I could cover the cover, I guess, but if the cover covering rips, or moves out of position, or is somehow more annoying to keep in place than is worth it, then I'm at the coffee shop taking what looks like butcher paper or something off this cover, which says "oh, I was trying to hide this, and now I look particularly creepy, as I sheepishly uncover this sickening thing I was trying to hide. altogether a shady, sneaky, depraved, sick member of society, you're thinking. oh wait--you're asking if the book is any good...?".


anyway, I'll grin and bear it, as is. well, not grin--that's bad, not gonna do that--I shall look  neutral and bear it...and I hope it's a terrific lead-off to scare-month, to be honest. interestingly, in just a few days I'll be carrying around a book called Murder of a Lady, which has a pretty cover. go figure; maybe they should swap...