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Angelus! - Peter Tremayne

I think we all agree that the cover is ugly. really ugly. it's that neck area that I could live without. however, now that I'm over 70 pages into this thing, I'd say it's an effective Horror novel. I've been transported to a private Catholic college for boys--a mix of ancient and modern buildings standing tucked in amongst some remote Irish mountains and next to a cold lake, forests, a bog, you get the picture--that has seen the arrival of a new Irish-American teacher happy to have finally made it to where his grandfather went to school. very quaint. nevertheless, I can assure you that this scenario now fits the Halloween Bingo square for "Chilling Children": the kid with the glowing eyes is not good news for the other boys. he's been very bad, and he seems to have...powers. and he doesn't seem to feel that with great power comes great responsibility; rather, he made one kid do something rather horrid to himself, and an older kid who bullied him may not be long for this book based on the first bit of revenge after dark.


I love all the Irish names, places, and words. not sure how the vagabonds setting up camp near the school figure into things...or what the deal is with the woman who died a bloody death on the ferry, at the beginning of the book (although, there were sixty school-kids on that boat...hmmm, okay, was he there, maybe...?).


a creepy book, and a good opener for October. oh, and there's a deadly wolf-spider (tarantula) unaccounted for--gone from the school's Biology lab.