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The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books - Martin Edwards

this, and a graphic novel or two, should tide me over until that marvelous Buddy Read I'm so looking forward to lands on Octy. 5th. I'm going to resist jamming a super-short novel onto my reading schedule, and just wing it with Martin Edwards, and comics (as reprinted in collections). I finished Angelus! this morning, and upon glancing at the next Chapter-plus-Essays of this reference guide, decided it would fit in nicely as denouement to Peter Tremayne's wicked Horror extravaganza; it was set at a remote Catholic Boys' School hidden in some Irish mountains, and lo and behold, I had left off, in The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books, at sections dealing with Crime novels exploiting academic settings when it comes to murder and mayhem. it was a weird feeling that--no matter what the effect on my nerves when it comes to the summaries of the fine eductional institutions being beset with horrible homicides--nothing could match the utter vile depravity of events at school, in Angelus!. kind of like agreeing to a harrowing triple-bypass surgery, and allowing them to remove a tooth right afterwards, so that everything could get done up quickly and efficiently--plus, the tooth-pulling ends up being rather pleasant after having one's chest opened up. perspective, and all...