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The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books - Martin Edwards

thankfully, the essay on Family Matters by Anthony Rolls--a book I just acquired and am very anxious to get to--did not give too much away, before Edwards went on to discuss other things besides the contents of the book. overall, I think I'm now able to say that his other title, The Golden Age of Murder, is the more satisfying read, as this book has more of the structure of an expanded list...a list of probably 1000 books mentioned, very quickly, rather than just 100. but make no mistake: streamlined and smooth in effect or not, I'm happy for this tour of Crime writing broken down into various sub-topics. 


I think everyone tracking Edwards' picks should give The Z Murders a shot, and his quick detours over to Antidote to Venom also make it sound interesting, do they not? well, I also found that to be a worthwhile bit of experimental Crime fiction.


Murder of a Lady Buddy Read now mere days away...Pietr the Latvian a little later!