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Murder of a Lady - Anthony Wynne

hoo boy. not sure how things are going to stack up as far as Buddies' opinions of this book will be...but I am officially enjoying it. there is a lot of talk--a lot of conversation to fill chapters--but just when I was wanting a break from that, the chatting in question did break up, things looked to be settled down, with everyone ready to call it a day at the ol' castle--and then someone else dropped dead, impossibly murdered. now I want everyone to talk! chat it up people, verbally bandy aspects of these friggin' murders like nobody's business, cuz I have no clue how these folks are dying. I said have no clue, by the way; doesn't mean there aren't clues...I just...I don't have them. 


so, with the comment that the book is talky for stretches, probably a little too much so, overall, let me just say that other things make it a fun Mystery to read. there are twists, there are revelations, things that have shocked me, the plot does move forward, and the sheer freakishness of these killings--they can't have happened, but they have happened--has got me thoroughly snared by all that has gone one thus far.


turns out the victim--um, the first victim--was not such a swell individual as was originally presented; hey, crap comes to light, right? in fact, there's a lot of unseemly backstory to this now-rather-horrid castle. plus, a lot more went on in and around the first victim's room than was first touched upon; get a few people talking, and it was a bit like Grand Central Station outside the Lady's bedroom door, and up and down the stairs not far from that door, for a few key moments there. or were those the key moments?? and anyway, even if an army had traipsed through...the door was still locked from the inside, and the windows were shut and bolted! can't get around that...and the two 'impossible" killings that have taken place are tantalizing enough that I could never stop riding this crazy-train till it's all over.