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Murder of a Lady - Anthony Wynne

with about an hour and a half of reading straight through, at the coffee shop after work, I'll be done this enjoyable book tonight.


The Inspector sure has a very specific theory about how the murders were done, and by whom. and why. but I just read Dr. Hailey doing some further questioning of a key player, on his own, and so one of Barley's precious threads has frayed. myself--if I go off Barley's theories, then I'm all at sea, cuz I got nuthin' on my own.


the book continues to be quite talky--especially in the last 60 or so pages,--but it is somehow mesmerizing in its own way. it would seem--given its strengths and weaknesses--that, barring a lousy solution to the crimes, the book will achieve a fairly high rating from me. but at this point, it's difficult to say how high; I need to get to the end.