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Little Sister (Detective Pieter Vos) - David Hewson

I sure don't see a problem finishing this 400+ page Crime novel before the Pietr the Latvian Buddy Read kicks in, way up on the 15th; heck, if things go like last time, I'll get done this a day early, and have to squeeze something short in, just before Simenon. If anyone wants to contemplate a Buddy Read just before the official Buddy Read, I would be reading a short old novel called The Night Watch, by Thomas Walsh, just ahead of Pietr--and never fear...if you found that novel at the library or got it some other way, and I didn't finish Little Sister in time to squeeze in The Night Watch, I wouldn't let you down! we would just read The Night Watch as a Buddy Read right after the official Buddy Read! no takers, that's fine too. meanwhile, all this off-topic chatter doesn't mean I'm not excited to finally cue up a David Hewson novel again, after many years. and this one sounds great!